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India's Only Wilderness Festival

"The Wilderness holds answers to more questions than we have yet learned to ask"

-Nancy Newhall
Edition 2.0, slated to happen from 14th to 16th February on the foothills of Nandi Hills, Discovery Village, Bengaluru. Our community thrives on conversations, creative exchange and hands-on experience with leading experts from India.
This edition - The Teepee Culture deep dives into the wildest corners of India to bring you journeys and learnings from explorers and achievers that have a great story to tell!
A 3-day celebration bringing a you curated wilderness experience with talks, masterclasses and explorations that will open your doors to this kingdom.
Come #DiscoverWilderness

A quest to uncover the most intriguing & impactful journeys told by inspiring explorers.


Decode the science of wilderness at exclusive bootcamps & masterclasses.


Brush up your shutter skills & learn how to capture riveting & ethical wildlife content.

& Filmmaking

Learn the basic skills of surviving in the wild from experienced instructors & ex-army veterans.

& Bushcraft

Curated trails led by leading naturalists exploring the lush Nandi Hills.

& Adventures

Expert-led talks going deeper into micro-subjects & habitats of our diverse ecosystem.


Painting the Wilderness, Nature Stories, art of conservation capturing the very essence of the Wild.


Discover and learn about our fascinating universe, galaxies and starry nights through a series of workshops, masterclasses, interactive sessions and DIYs

Space Science
& Astronomy

Discover a holistic sense of self under the open sky and channel your inner animal.

Nature &

Picture yourself in the foothills of Nandi Hills, grooving to a musical night of hang drum, tribal electronic set and sounds of nature.


Discover Wilderness through her Habitats

Take a deep dive into the diverse and incredible life under our oceans.

- The Teepee Culture 2020
Let's deep dive into the vastness of oceans that cover almost 70% of our planet and uncover the spectacular life that thrives beneath the waves: organisms that take many forms, from the largest animal on earth, Blue whale to the tiniest single-celled plankton on Earth.
Join us for India's only Wilderness Festival on the foothills of Nandi Hills, Bangalore for expert talks, masterclasses with underwater photographers, workshops with marine biologists and lots more to understand the life cycles, habitats, inter-relationships of marine life.

Trail across these wide expanses of land and its resilient creatures

- The Teepee Culture 2020
Let the blanket of nature make you one of its own! Savanna, steppe, prairie, or pampas: learn all about grasslands, the globe's most agriculturally useful habitats & live the green, wildflowers, rush of fresh air, the sound of birds that you don’t experience in the hustle of city life.
#DiscoverWilderness with us on the foothills of Nandi Hills, Bengaluru where you will get a chance to learn about the perils of the plains from the experts, go on a photography trail and know how the conservationists are saving the grasslands (and you can too).

Walk into the lush, warm, tall canopy of trees and its extraordinary beings.

- The Teepee Culture 2020
Be one with Nature!
#DidYouKnow that forests are found on every continent except Antarctica? Whether you love hiking, trekking, camping, enchanted by the flora and fauna or simply spending a night in the middle of the jungle.
Come and join us to #DiscoverWilderness amidst indescribably beautiful landscape of the foothills of Nandi Hills, Bangalore.

Venture into the driest places full of remarkable life that have adapted to survive.

- The Teepee Culture 2020
Of the lands from 8,000 to 10,000 years ago! As the sun dropped and shadows lengthened, the vast sand, grit and rock had their own stories to tell.
Let's unravel the secrets behind deserts, survival and life on the dunes with curated workshops, masterclasses and explorations at India's only Wilderness Festival.

Embark on an adventure traversing through extreme peaks and its mighty beings

- The Teepee Culture 2020
Slopes of green around and a trail to the peak that calls out your name. Mountains are on every continent - some even under the oceans.
A mountain has several biomes of life and animals that live under extreme adaptations. Meet and converse with the experts mountaineers and conservationists to live the thrill of wilderness at The Teepee Culture 2020.

Meet Our Speakers

Meet and interact with some of the best experts, conservationists, photographers, mountaineers and marine biologists.

A conservation writer, field director in wildlife television, and naturalist, passionate about restoring Britain's wildlife, pelicans very much included, in his lifetime. In television he has worked on projects for the BBC, ITV, Netflix and Apple. Sir David Attenborough's Our Planet (Netflix), a series he worked on for three years, was awarded two Emmy's in September this year. His first book, Rebirding - on rewilding Britain's landscapes, birds and rural jobs - is now available for sale online and from all major bookstores.

Ben MacDonald

Prahlad’s identity as an ad-guru in India is well known, however few know of his love for the ocean. Inspired by his first dive in Mauritius, where he encountered an antique Koran underwater, he worked tirelessly to bring SCUBA Diving into India. One of his first vacations with his family to his new dive resort, he was struck by the sheer beauty of the sea and vibrancy of life within it. To spread awareness about this treasure and to work towards its protection, he co-founded ReefWatch Marine Conservation.

Prahlad Kakar

Gerry Martin is a herpetologist, conservationist, and founder of The Gerry Martin Project. In 2000, he was National Geographic Channel's first Indian Adventurer.

Gerry Martin

Award-winning wildlife photographer. CEO & founder of Toehold, a travel and photography company.

Jayanth Sharma

Amoghavarsha is a wildlife photographer and filmmaker. Amoghavarsha works with government forest departments, non-profit organisations and media institutions on conservation and education projects.


Bhushan is an underwater photographer, diver, and cinematographer from Bangalore. He is the Co-Founder of Simply Breathe.

Bhushan Bagadia

Prasad Natarajan one of India's leading wildlife artist who is featured in one of India's top wildlife magazine. He extensively travels all over the world to study his subjects behavior in their natural habitat.

Prasad Natrajan

Mitali is a passionate SCUBA Diver, film maker and ocean lover. Committed to preserving India’s marine heritage, she along with her husband Prahlad Kakar, established ReefWatch Marine Conservation in 1993. Alongside her long career in the ad film industry, she has also produced many documentary films on marine conservation, worked with coral reef researchers and conducted workshops and events to raise awareness about marine issues. She also serves on the National Wildlife Board of India.

Mitali Kakar

Aman Chotani is a professional travel and lifestyle photographer based in New Delhi India who explores the world documenting travel, culture and life. He has received awards from many prestigious organizations including The Siena International Photo Awards 2015 (Italy), IPA AWARD, United States in the Portrait Category.

Aman Chotani

A legal professional, keen naturalist, wildlife photographer and a citizen scientist by passion. He is the founder of Bat Conservation India Trust - a non-profit organization which was conceived for the protection of bat species in India by protecting their habitat.

Rajesh Puttaswamaiah

Malaika Vaz is a National Geographic Explorer, adventure sports athlete, wildlife presenter and filmmaker from Goa, India, and the youngest person to have been on an expedition to both the Antarctica and Arctic at the age of 16. Malaika was the only international filmmaker to be awarded the National Geographic ROAR Talent bursary for Wildscreen Festival in 2016.

Malaika Vaz

Suneha Jagannathan is an independent marine biologist from Chennai. She holds a Master’s in Tropical Biodiversity from the Erasmus Mundus program. With the aim of working in India, she ran Pondicherry-based marine conservation collective, Temple Reef Foundation, for 1.5 years. Currently, she leads the 'Artificial Reefs and Sustainable Fisheries' Program in collaboration with Quest Academy. In addition to this, she runs an environment education initiative, “The Water Babies Program”, for fishing communities in Tamil Nadu.

Suneha Jagan

Pooja is a multimedia artist with a focus on science communication, from Hyderabad. With a special interest in ecology and wildlife conservation, she uses design thinking to develop multimedia content for science education. Her hands-on approach to communicating conservation has taken her across the world to work on a wide spectrum of projects: assisting on media workshops in the remote Peruvian Amazon to filming in the Maldives, and developing campaign media to protect the dugongs of the Andaman Islands.

Pooja Gupta

Eshika is a wildlife filmmaker who emphasises on conservation in all the work that she does. After having finished placements at the BBC Natural History Unit and Icon films, as well as a Masters in wildlife filmmaking in Bristol, Eshika founded Pangea Films in January 2018. She has produced a short film on snow leopard conservation in the Indian Himalayas, and is currently producing a broadcast length documentary on another severely threatened species in Ladakh.

Eshika Fyzee

Gobind Sagar Bhardwaj, has served in various capacities in different forest divisions of Rajasthan including managing one of the best tiger reserves of the country, Ranthambhore National Park. He authored a book on tiger,“Tracking Tigers in Ranthambhore” and served as Field Director at Sariska Tiger Reserve. As Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) he has supervised the various in situ conservation efforts for the conservation of critically endangered Great Indian Bustard.

Gobind Sagar

Kalyan lived with alot of families across the country for about 2.5yrs after quitting his corporate job. His views on development and poverty turned 180 degrees and he found the idea of "Create Resilience" very empowering. Kalyan has been living and working in a remote drought-prone village called Tekulodu in the 2nd driest and one of the poorest districts in India (Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh). Since August 2010, building and leveraging local social leadership capacities to co-create, ProtoVillage - the prototype of an Resilient village.

Kalyan Akkipeddi

Vikram has over 9yrs of experience in Astronomy & Space science Experiential Learning and has worked at World's Largest Telescope, Hawaii. He's also the co-founder of India's first Astronomy & Space science centre.

Vikram Londhe

Colonel Rajeev is a veteran from the Indian Army. He has served on difficult borders and taken part in many combat operations. Awarded for gallantry ,he has faced extreme survival situations and also trained Commandos in special techniques. He now follows his passion of training younger generation with the sole belief that no life should be lost due to lack of knowledge or skills in survival techniques. He founded The Wild Survival Academy and conducts specialist wilderness survival and bush craft courses for individuals and adventure seekers.

Rajeev Sharma

With the motto of “Conservation through Photography” Suhas intends to reach as many people as possible to create and spread a sense of awareness about the importance of our rich heritage in terms of our forest and wildlife resources. He's also been a part of Karnataka Forest Department through Film making, photography and trainings, which add on to the responsibility in the fields of Nature / Wildlife Conservation and spreading the right information / education.

Suhas Premkumar

Padmaja Rathore is a BA HON. Hotel Management IHM-Aurangabad. She runs an eco wellness wildlife camp called Bagheeras Camp Jawai (tribal operated and community run) , organization breakfast and lunches. Live kitchen show on YouTube channel Wild Films India Private Limited. She also run a hospitality skill and development course for tribals and low income groups .

Padmaja Rathore

Meet Our Artists

Ricky Kej is an Indian composer, music producer and Environmentalist. In 2015, he won a Grammy at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards for his album Winds of Samsara, a collaboration with South African flautist Wouter Kellerman, in the Best New Age Album category.

Ricky Kej

Centered around the Hang, multi-instrumentalists Samantha Archer (UK) and Jaron Tripp (GER) create a unique blend of world music that varies from acoustic trance to complex polyrhythmic compositions. Whilst offering an intricate listening experience to the polyrhythmic compositions. Whilst offering an intricate listening experience to the knowledgeable ear, their emotional and dynamic playing opens the space for a joyous sound journey at the same time.

Archer & Tripp

Masterplants Orchestra is the first band in the world using modern technology to measure and convert plants bio-signals into symphonic music. Their custom made "Symphony" device allow up to 8 plants to play music at the same time. Joined by human musicians Chiyo Kaiga from Japan, Benjamin Andersen from Denmark and and Arun Sivag from India, Masterplants Orchestra plays a complex and beautiful mix of human and plant music

Master Plants Orchestra

Mark’s aim as a wildlife artist is to capture behavioral patterns innuendos and instincts of life in the habitat. The drama with predator and prey, frolic of birds, animals’ stunts, fish frisking and insects in industry. With keen observation in the wild, zoos and museum specimens he strives to bring to life the natural world with vibrant imagination through the mediums of painting and sculpture.

Mark Bastian

Jenil is a Registered Yoga Teacher certified through the Yoga Alliance. Jenil believes in applying yoga as a path of personal harmony and transformation.

Jenil Dholakia

Smitha Kashi, pursued art academically and graduated in Fine Arts. She explored the different tools and techniques of art that one could use to portray the thoughts, not just to create an image but to create experiences. Anchored in this process of ‘Experiential Art’, she engaged herself in mindfulness exercises that helped her access the inner self, facilitate creativity and foster focus. The act of painting then slowly converted itself into act of mindfulness.

Smitha Kashi

Nandi Hills, Discovery Village

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